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Football magic is in the air. Some reasons of why men are more in the game than women

To offer you a better insight — in consumers, your customers and maybe why not yourself — we explain why people do what they do. These inner motivations we approach from a WHY5Researcher's point of view in a monthly update of "Consumer psychology in everyday life."

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It's all about people

Consumers are human beings with emotions, intuitions and urges. So to be a successful brand you need to have a meaningful relationship with your consumers. You must understand what drives their choices. What makes them do the things they do.

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Digging for gold can't be done at the surface. WHY5 offers cutting edge expertise in conducting tailor made qualitative and quantitative diagnostic research. Both offline and online we apply a mix of behavioural and psychological analysis by focussing on three important aspects.

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